Creating A Closing Experience

Happy clients post closing with Patchen Law, P.A.

Happy clients post closing with Patchen Law, P.A.

Most people think of a title closing experience as a pain in the rump…two hours of sitting in a room and signing a bunch of papers.  But the right title closing agent can change all of that.  Closing day should end with everyone smiling because every person sitting at the table walks away with something–the buyer gets a house, the seller gets the proceeds of the sale, the real estate agents get their commission and the title agent gets their fees as well.  It’s a win-win for everyone!

Providing great customer service is how you can make sure your clients walk away happy enough to come back and pass positive feedback along to others.  Making sure everything is organized so that the whole process runs smoothly is just one step to a successful closing.  Another is being able to handle the unexpected without anyone in the room taking notice.

Patchen Law had a special Halloween closing and the new home owners walked away all smiles!  They loved their gifts of chocolates and the housewarming bamboo plant I presented to them.

But what made the day even better was hearing my client tell me, “Heather I’ve done this before, but you made the whole process so smooth and we actually had fun too!”

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